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Professional Strength

Prof. Junshi Chen, a worldwide renowned scientist specialized in nutrition and food safety, serves as the Chairperson of CFIC council and chief scientist. He is also a member of the WHO Food Safety Expert Panel, Chair of the Codex Committee for Food Additives (CCFA), the Honorary President of the Chinese Society of Toxicology and fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology. 

CFIC conducts activities through 3 task forces.Scientist Group, comprised of around 80 renowned Chinese scientists from different provinces;Media Group, comprised of more than 40 senior journalists and media representatives from the main news paper, journals, commercial websites, TV and broadcast stations; andIndustry Group, comprised of professionals from some 30 international and local leading food enterprises.  
CFIC staffs are experienced professionals who had been engaged in food safety, nutrition and health for many years. 

As one of the partners of the International Food Information Organization (FIO) Network, CFIC has the advantage of obtaining the latest international information and the most direct technical support.