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As the rapid progress of social and economic development in China, there have been increasing requests from the public for food and nutrition knowledge. However, poor risk communication resulted in incompatible perceptions of food safety, nutrition and health in general consumers and scientists, which were shown as widespread public concerns and confusions in food safety, dilemmas for the food manufacturers and decreased credibility for the regulators. Therefore in light of the international practices, it is imperative to establish an independent non-profit organization, made up by scientists, to communicate science-based information on food safety, nutrition and health to the public. It will play an important role in guiding the media and public and will facilitate the establishment of a good social environment for the Chinese society.

In order to meet the needs for science communication, CFIC (China Food Information Centre) was officially established on July 21,2014 by the approval of Ministry of Civil Affairs. Distinguished food and nutrition scientists Dr. Junshi Chen and Prof. Chunming Chen are the co-founders of CFIC.

                           Dr. Junshi Chen                                           Prof. Chunming Chen